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To make feminism about everyone, for everyone, and accessible to everyone.


The Access Feminism Project is a project completed by a masters student at Michigan State University. The goal of this project is to help educate people about intersectional feminism, and how expansive feminism can be regarding feminist issues.

Feminism is for everyone, and the topics that are discussed in this project reflect an angle of feminism that is both diverse and intersectional. Not every feminist shares the same ideals or ideas, however this project aims to explain some of the issues that may be important within the broader feminist movement. This is by no means a complete list of all the topics that feminists can have interest in, rather it is an starting point in order to better explain feminist topics for a newcomer to feminism.

Hopefully this project will help people better understand the many facets of intersectional feminism, and provide a better understanding about its importance to our lives.

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