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Rape Culture

Rape culture is the normalization of the possibility of rape. It can include victim blaming, such as arguing that “he/she/they asked for it” by dressing a certain way, being at a particular place, drinking, or other situations. Another aspect of rape culture is the spreading of the idea that women often lie about rape to get revenge on a man. Oftentimes it is spoken about as if it is not a problem or that it only affects women that really wanted sex, which is absolutely not the case.


Rape Culture - Do people really know what it is?


Rape Culture Is Real - Everyday examples that demonstrate how real the culture is.


Normalization of Action - Recognizing the effects on every woman.


What Is Rape Culture? - Statistics and the cultural factors behind them.


Factual Information Regarding Rape.


Victims of Sexual Violence - The statistics may amaze you.


The Criminal Justice System - The shocking statistics about reporting and conviction.


Perpetrators of Sexual Violence - Who are they?

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