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The #BlackLivesMatter movement exists to show that Black lives are important, and to gain justice for the Black lives taken from the Black community. The movement emerged after a man was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old Black male. The movement continued to gain popularity after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The purpose of the hashtag is to highlight Black lives that are not treated equally to others. The movement is often met with criticism, about how “all lives matter,” but this movement is not saying that only Black lives matter. Instead, it is stating that Black lives matter, too, and it is important that the Black community deserves justice, equality, and safety. Black Lives Matter draws attention to racist notions and politics to stimulate awareness and advocates for their removal.


Black Lives Matter - What the organization is about.


Black Lives Matter - National events and subsequent actions.


A New Civil Rights Movement - Mobilising force of social media.


Black Voices - News about the black community.


The Rise of Black Lives Matter - Trying to break the cycle of violence and silence.


2015:A Year of Black Lives Matter - Evolution and the pushback, along with growing pains.


The Matter of Black Lives - What the future holds.


Free Speech and Respect - Challenge for the movement.



Black Lives Matter:The Movement in Transition - Utilizing today’s tools to get the message out.


Black Lives Matter - Protest message morphing into a political force.


A Vision For Black Lives - Developing a consistent strategy for conveying the message.

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