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Expectations of Women

Expectations of people are shown all over the world, and can differ by culture. In the United States of America, women are often shown as very thin, white, with perfect skin, no body hair, and other traits meant to indicate “perfection.” These expectations that are constantly shown impact women’s perception of themselves as well as other people’s perception of women. It creates unrealistic expectations that have real effects on the people’s health. One expectation includes the pressure to have children. Women that do not want children or marriage will often be told they will change their mind, even though this is a very personal, individual choice.  Feminism supports every person no matter their ability, their desire to parent or to be married, their gender, race, or socioeconomic class alongside other factors, and encourages everyone to be their authentic selves.


Miss Representation - A film about how the media and society represent women.


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Stop pressuring women to be moms: It’s insulting to assume we all want the same thing.


Dating as a Child Free Woman - Read how so many people assumed this woman wanted children.

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